why memory jogger?

memory jogger

In your today's busy life style forgetfulness can be one of your main life challenges, Psychologists recognized different reasons for forgetfulness, such as: you tend to focus on newer issues, rather than routine and day to day tasks that you need to remember. Another reason insomnia which reduces your ability to remember things.

For parents, forgetfulness can become a more serious issue. The combination of being worry, concerning children and sleep deprivation can cause temporary memory issues.

Stress can be another reason for memory loss. In order to assist ourselves during stressful time during our life, we can take advantage of smart devices like Memory Jogger.

  • Who reminds you to take your medicine and turn off the stove before leaving home?
  • Who reminds you to turn off AC when you leave office?
  • Who reminds you to feed your pet and take your garbage out?
  • How can you remind your kids about their tasks before they leave home?
  • What would you do to avoid leaving your wallet and keys at home?
  • What would you do if you leave your office keys in the car?
  • What would you do if you leave your keys and charger at the office?
memory jogger

How Memory Jogger Works

memory jogger




  1. 1. Install the application
  2. 2. Pair your phone with Bluetooth device
  3. 3. Make your own checklist by adding forgetful items
  4. 4. Mount signaling device near exit point at door (office, home or garage) or any other forgetful place
  5. 5. So application shows your checklist in the right place and moment your want
Yes, the application can show your checklist with your GPS location, although this alternative solution cannot replace accuracy and functionality of “Memory Jogger”.
Battery life is six months and it is replaceable.
Maximum coverage for indoor is 50 meters and outdoor 100 meters and it is adjustable based on your needs.
“Memory Jogger” notification service is thoroughly private. The very first time that you get connected to your phone through “Memory Jogger”, it will recognize your phone as owner.
The Memory Jogger has Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and for phones Bluetooth version 4 and above, battery consumption is optimized.
Yes, both Apple and Android applications will be developed.
In order to receive notifications from other trackers you need to activate several devices, while with “Memory Jogger” only one device does the job and sends notifications to all phone sets.
Memory Jogger supports versions 4.0 and above.
Yes, you can disable notification alerts or change song or add vibration.
Diameter: 26 mm, height: 5mm.
We will begin shipping the first pre-orders from end of August 2018.
Yes. “Memory Jogger” application is available all over the globe and it is compatible with iOS and Android.
Reminder or alarm app can't remind base on location and proximity another way to say, can’t help you when you’re leaving the home car or office. Memory Jogger setup base on location, not time, in other words, it notifies you when ever you leave your items behind not at any certain time.
Yes, Memory jogger is multi user which means several people can make their own checklist on the same sharing device.
You need to attach Trackers to your stuff (per device), but Memory-Jogger can protect all your stuff with one device.
Email: info@memory-jogger.com


memory jogger